What is Gelato?

The Italian word “gelato” translates as ice cream. Gelato, the original ice cream, is much more refined as compared to American ice cream. Our Italian artisan Gelato is prepared from fresh and natural ingredients, has a smooth texture and is amazingly low in fat. Our cream flavors are dairy based using mostly whole milk with heavy cream as opposed to using all heavy cream which means a low 4%-7% fat content, and contains approximately 30-50 calories per ounce. Gelato is more dense than American ice cream because there is very little air whipped in. Gelato is served at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream. All of our gelato and sorbetto is handcrafted daily in our shop, we are the only artisans in Southern Oregon that produce our own gelato and sorbetto.


Our sorbet flavors are fruit and water based, having less than 1% fat and contain approximately 30-40 calories per ounce. Our sorbet is prepared with all fresh and natural ingredients utilizing local, seasonal fresh fruits grown in the Rogue Valley. A low fat, dairy free alternative to gelato, sorbet is very refreshing. Often served between courses as a way to cleanse the palette before the main course.